The ENERGISE project public output documents can be downloaded from here:

  • Identification of key success factors and related indicators (D2.2) - This document provides a background report on the process of identifying key success factors and related indicators for existing Sustainable Energy Consumption Initiatives (SECIs) across Europe. The report provides a detailed account of data collection to carefully identify and assess relevant dynamics of SECIs pertinent to the understanding of the individual, collective, organisational and institutional aspects of consumption change.
  • Good practice report: capturing cross-cultural interventions (D3.1) - This document identifies ENERGISE Living Labs interventions that work across energy cultures and are adaptable to different infrastructures  and socio-economic conditions across the EU. This work builds on the results of the tipologies of energy initiatives and a careful and critical analysis which will engage the ENERGISE Programme Board and members of the Expert Panel.
  • ENERGISE Living Labs background report (D3.2) - This  document introduces and describes  initial designs for ENERGISE Living Labs by drawing on practice-based approaches in living labs, as well as previous experience on initiatives that aim to change energy-related household practices. The document also briefly discusses the prerequisites that the design poses for potential target groups and the sites in which the ELLs are to be implemented later in the ENERGISE project.
  • Communication and Dissemination Plan (D7.1) - This document ensures that all communication and dissemination needs from various work packages and the project in general are considered and coordinated. The document covers review and mapping of stakeholders at European, national and local levels, timing of communication and dissemination activities, media channels, and division of tasks between partners.
  • Academic publication strategy guidance document (D7.10) -This document focuses on ‘academic’ publications and summarises the ENERGISE  consortium’s  commitment  to  developing peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and reports, contributions to academic conferences as well as organising ENERGISE research ssessions at scientific efents. This report also outlines guidance on good authorship practice.