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What works when and where in transforming energy practices?

Reducing household energy consumption is a longstanding effort in Europe. Various measures like the provision of feedback have been found to be successful and render small savings in energy consumption. Yet we often don’t know what people actually did differently after starting to receive the feedback. So the problem becomes somewhat more complicated if we want to change energy practices – like heating, showering or mobility – more fundamentally and in the long term.

Typologies of Energy Initiatives

WP2 is developing a systematic criteria-guided review of existing sustainable energy consumption initiatives (SECIs) from 30 European countries.

Carbon Trust/Kingston University Energy Efficiency Training for SMEs

This event – organised jointly by ENERGISE researcher Audley Genus and the Carbon Trust – and held at Kingston University in London in April –  aimed to show how small/ new businesses can reduce energy use, lower costs and improve their reputation. Delegates received free energy efficiency training from a Carbon Trust expert and advice on initiatives on offer that provide funded support and resources. One such programme is START2ACT, which funded the event, and which offered delegates the opportunity to sign up to receive one-to-one bespoke START2ACT energy efficiency-related support.

Paper on Energy Efficient Practices accepted by Leading Journal

Audley Genus and Charlotte Jensen have had a jointly authored paper accepted by the Journal of Consumer Culture. The title of the paper is: “The Institutionalisation of Practice: the case of Energy Efficient Lighting in Denmark”. It brings together Audley’s thinking about changing energy-related institutions in society and Charlotte’s research on energy efficient lighting practices in Denmark, to create a synthesis which sheds light on the opportunities and difficulties connected with the institutionalisation of sustainable practices and the de-institutionalisation of unsustainable ones.

Tyndall Centre talk on Changing Institutions in a Changing Climate

Audley Genus was invited to give a talk in January 2017 at the prestigious Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at University of Manchester. He spoke about the need for and difficulties of institutional change in a changing climate, referring to projects he has undertaken in relation to community energy and creating ‘eco-neighbourhoods’ as well as looking forward to developing work on ENERGISE.

Expert consultation on lifestyles in the EU calculator project

ENERGISE consortium member and lead for the « comparing across cultures and contexts » work package Marlyne Sahakian recently attended a one-day workshop and stakeholder consultation at the University of Sussex in Brighton, joining the EU Calculator team in discussing lifestyle changes and drivers in Europe across countries and sectors.

Future Earth and ENERGISE

ENERGISE collaborates with the emerging Future Earth Knowledge Action Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SSCP KAN).

Searching for sustainable energy projects engaging households

Are you involved in a project that seeks to change the way people use and consume energy? Are you promoting energy efficiency and lower energy consumption in households? Whether you are an NGO, an energy agency, a business, or perhaps a group of neighbours ora social club, we would like to hear and learn from you!