Future Visions of European Citizens led to Research Scenarios

Future Visions of European Citizens led to Research Scenarios

GreenDependent Institute and ARC Fund both participate in the CIMULACT H2020 project which engaged several thousands of citizens and stakeholders in the co-creation of European research agendas based on real, validated and shared visions, needs and demands in 30 European countries. Having conducted two workshops and an online consultation in each participating country the following energy – thus ENERGISE – related topics were outlined within the total of 23 research scenarios:

•    Consume smarter, increase well-being
•    Smart energy governance
•    Sustainable transport solutions that enable us to live where we choose

The finalized documents have been presented to the European Commission and national decision makers to serve as an important input for future R&D calls.

For further information on the project or the 23 research scenarios with their policy recommendations visit the CIMULACT website.

CIMULACT was intensely discussed with participants of the 3rd Technology Assessment Conference taking place 17-19 May, 2017 in Cork, Ireland.  A full session – Co-creating responsible research agendas – was dedicated to reflecting results, methods and impacts of CIMULACT.