New project deliverables available (WP3)


The ENERGISE team is happy to share three of its deliverables related to planning the ENERGISE Living Labs. The following materials are now available:

  • Good practice report: capturing cross-cultural interventions (D3.1): this document identifies ENERGISE Living Labs interventions that work across energy cultures and are adaptable to different infrastructures  and socio-economic conditions across the EU.
  • ENERGISE Living Labs background report (D3.2), which introduces and describes  initial designs for ENERGISE Living Labs by drawing on practice-based approaches in living labs, as well as previous experience on initiatives that aim to change energy-related household practices.
  • ENERGISE Living Labs workshop report (D3.3), which presents the discussions and outcomes of ENERGISE Living Labs (ELLs) workshop. The aim of the workshop was the co-creation and co-design of the ELLs with stakeholders that represent business and the public sector, including several organisations supporting local ELL implementation, in order to ensure the incorporation of as diverse as possible views in the design of the ELLs.
  • ENERGISE Living Labs  evaluation and assessment manual (D3.5) - This deliverable presents the ENERGISE Living Lab (ELL) evaluation and assessment manual, which is to serve as a Sustainability Assessment Toolkit (SAT) that includes output, outcome and impact indicators, as well as detailed methods for baseline definition and identification of rebound and spin-off effects. It also provides a draft version of evaluation tools to be refined on the basis of the ELL experiences and to be published for use by later projects.

Other project related deliverables can be read here.