Walking the Talk


The ENERGISE consortium is well aware of the fact that all our activities within the project have certain environmental burdens on our planet (CO2 emission, waste, energy use, etc. due to our project meetings, workshops, conferences, Living Labs, ordinary work in the office).

That is why we are trying to reduce these burdens and if possible compensate them in the following ways:

  • ENERGISE partner GreenDependent shared its green events checklist with the consortium that we all agreed to bear in mind when organizing our project meetings, workshops and the final project conference. You can download the checklist from here, or find it under the Resources menu;
  • We calculate the travel-related carbon footprint of our face-to-face project meetings and expert panel workshops. We publish the results of our calculations under the Walking the talk menu;
  • We try to reduce the number of face-to-face meetings and have online calls instead;
  • If printing is necessary, we try to use environmentally friendly / recycled papeer for printing our materials, flyers, brochures, etc.;
  • We try to arrange organic / Fair Trade / local food and drink at our meetings, workshops (see the picture as an example for this from our kick-off meeting in Maastricht in February 2017);
  • We seek out environmentally and socially aware accommodation when we need to travel;
  • Following GreenDependent’s practice, we will plant native fruit trees at the end of the project to compensate for ENERGISE events in Hungary together with the Hungarian ENERGISE Living Lab participants;
  • Finally, we regularly discuss and communicate our efforts in this regard both within and outside the consortium.

If you wish to find out more about our responsible event organization and travel practices, please write to us at info@energise-project.eu.

Edina and Kristóf Vadovics, GreenDependent Institute



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