GreenDependent projects in UNEP report

GreenDependent projects in UNEP report

The EnergyNeighbourhoods programme, along with one of GreenDependent's previous programmes, Small Footprint, included in UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) report published at the end of 2016. The report - Fostering and Communicating Sustainable Lifestyles: Principles and Emerging Practices - furthers understanding of sustainable lifestyles to accelerate their widespread adoption. It contains 16 international good practice examples, of which Hungary is the only country representing Eastern-Europe. Case studies are included from The Netherlands, the UK, the US, China, Egypt, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Myanmar, but the report also introduces global initiatives and campaigns.

The report offers a four step strategy roadmap for success with eight operating principles to guide the design, adaptation, and evaluation of sustainable lifestyles campaigns and initiatives. The ultimate goal is to create tangible changes in the way people live their daily lives.

The full report can be downloaded HERE, the summary report HERE

The two case studies of GreenDependent are available below:

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