Focus Association for Sustainable Development

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Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit environmental organisation. The mission of Focus is to stimulate solutions for environmentally and socially responsible life through education, awareness raising and co-shaping of policies in the field of sustainable development, climate change, energy, transport, global responsibility and consumption. In the framework of these issues Focus organises various events, runs campaigns and practically oriented projects, raises awareness, monitors, analyses, takes part in decision-making processes, co-operates with a variety of stakeholders and works with the media. Focus has over 12 years of experience in working on projects, campaigns and policies at the level of Slovenia and EU, but also in the Balkan region. The organisation also has an extensive network of various actors from the fields it covers. Focus is a member of European networks, such as Climate Action Network Europe or European Federation for Transport and Environment, and works closely with international environmental NGOs, such as Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth.

The Focus team (6 people) runs its activities from a fully equipped office, where it has quality access to internet and IT tools that ensure excellent communication to its members, interested public and wider public. Focus also has some equipment for organising street-actions, such as portable exhibition structures, stands and banners. Its accountancy is outsourced, as well as the majority of its IT. The work of the organisation is supported by Focus members and volunteers. Being a member of four EU-wide networks and some national coalitions, its work is often supported by those networks and coalitions (e.g. information provision, support in policy work, exchange of experience). Focus also often supports those networks and coalitions. More information about the work of the organisation is available in annual reports at