Project Structure


Work Packages

Work Packages




WP1 - Conceptual Framework

WP1 will creatively fuse social practice and energy cultures approaches to develop a groundbreaking conceptual framework to guide methodological and empirical work in ENERGISE and to shape future social-scientific energy research.

WP2 - Typologies of Energy Initiatives

A systematic criteria-guided classification of existing energy initiatives from 30 European countries will provide the most comprehensive database of European energy initiatives and subsequent development of typologies. These will guide the selection of Living Labs elements for ENERGISE and future energy consumption research respectively.

WP3 - Designing Living Labs

WP3 will translate findings from WP2 into designs for innovative, readily replicable and scalable Living Labs and provide guidelines for practitioners. An especially developed sustainability assessment toolkit (SAT) will measure ENERGISE Living Labs (ELL) outcomes and deliver data for comparative analyses of energy practices and cultures in WP5

WP4 - ENERGISE Living Labs

This work package centres on the international rollout of two types of ELL that target individuals and communities respectively. The application of SAT will ensure effective monitoring of ELL impacts and generate data for cross-national comparison.

WP5 - Comparing Energy Cultures

Intra- and cross-national comparisons will link the diversity of energy practices and cultures to observable similarities and differences in ELL performance.

WP6 - Policy Integration

WP6 will integrate, synthesise and translate ENERGISE results into support materials and data products for public- and private-sector decision makers, delivering research-led recommendations for further advancing the Energy Union

WP7 - Dissemination-Communication-Exploitation

A coherent, multi-layered strategy to effectively publicise and exploit ENERGISE’s findings will bundle input from the whole team across the entire lifespan of the project.

WP8 - Management and Coordination

This work package will provide effective project management and internal communication

WP9 - Ethics Requirements

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package