WP2 – Typologies of Energy Initiatives

WP2 – Typologies of Energy Initiatives

During 2017, WP2 has carried out a systematic criteria-guided review of existing sustainable energy consumption initiatives (SECIs) from 30 European countries, which is synthesized in a comprehensive database showcasing more than 1000 SECIs. The database explores similarities and differences across the vast variety of SECIs reviewed, including examples of organizational, material, social, cultural, collective, scale and place specific aspects of energy consumption.

Based on this review, two typologies of sustainable energy consumption initiatives have been established; one focusing on classifying and categorizing SECIs according to their (main) perspectives on change (problem framings) and one focusing on classifying and categorizing SECIs according to approaches to sustainable energy consumption related to aspects of sufficiency and efficiency. Both typologies will be made available in the ENERGISE D2.4, soon to be published.

An overview of the 1000+ SECIs across Europe, which the ENERGISE Project Team identified, will be made available in an Open Access Dataset through the ENERGISE website. The Open Access Dataset will be launched online at the beginning of 2018. The Dataset highlights the variety of SECIs collected, and displays descriptions of each SECI as well as their objectives. The Open Access Dataset also presents an overview of the variety in scale and problem framings of the SECIs.

Overall, this work contributes significantly to an understanding of the variety of SECIs currently taking place across Europe, including substantial insights into the significant variety in scope, methods, goals and scale of these initiatives.

Charlotte Jensen, Aalborg University