Tender calls

All ENERGISE project related tender information is collected on this page.

3rd call - Online Monitoring Platform (WP4)

  • Tender call text
  • Date issued: 19 February 2018
  • Tender closes:15 March 2018
  • No. of tenders received:
  • Winner:



2nd call - Online Database Development (WP2)

  • Tender call text
  • Date issued: 10 July 2017
  • Tender closes: 20 August 2017
  • No. of tenders received: 3
  • Winner: VM.pl Sp. z o.o (address: Kościuzski 82, 50-441, Wrocław, Poland)


Who shall I ask technical and design questions from? Charlotte Jensen (Aalborg University)
Who shall I ask administrative questions from? Kristóf Vadoivcs (GreenDependent)
How much money is available for the tasks in this tender? Unfortunately, this information cannot be disclosed, the ENERGISE consortium is looking forward to receive tenders fulfilling all the technical requirements detailed in the call and here in the FAQ session. Price is an influencing but not exclusive factor in deciding upon the winner.
How should the layout look like? As also indicated in the Tender Call, we are looking to have a database developed, that can visually showcase the many initiatives we have identified. We would like them to be visualized geographically. The scale of the ENERGISE map will cover Europe. We are also keen to be able to show certain aspects of the initiatives on the map. In other words, people should be able to zoom in and out on the map; to see the wider geographical distribution (zoomed out) but also to see each initiative individually (zoomed in). When zoomed in, people should be able to click on each initiative to read more about the initiative. For most of the initiatives (aprox 900 initiatives), this will just be a short summary, supplemented with a few categories and tags. For some initiatives, more information will be available (aprox 100 initiatives). Ideally, (when zoomed in) all initiatives should be visually distinguishable, related to a typology we develop. As an example, some initiatives may be pink, others may be blue, others may be yellow, others may be green, depending on the type of initiative.



1st call - Basic Design and Project Website Development (WP7)

  • Tender call text
  • Date issued: 1 December 2016
  • Tender closed: 19 December 2016
  • No. of tenders received: 3 (1 from Austria, 2 from Hungary)
  • Winner: FARM Studio Kft (Hungary)